At Talentcubed, we thrive on technological innovation and we believe that gamification is the future of technology, training and career progression. We provide employers with a platform to host serious gaming technology; whether it is to help place candidates into the appropriate role, provide training to employees or help people advance in their career. Gamification is everywhere. Humans are naturally competitive, both with themselves and with others. We also engage more when something is enjoyable and this is what we want to promote. We want to bring the fun back into your profession – making you engage more with your progression and training to, ultimately, make you perform better in your career.

Our Features

Hit the Wall

Get engaged with the Talentcubed community; share videos, photos, post status updates and get the latest on available jobs and top employers. Connect with like-minded people and share learnings from the multiple games we have available. Showcase your talent in a 3-dimensional space; play, share, engage. We’re all about staying connected here at Talentcubed, to make sure you never miss an opportunity.

We Love Games
Online Game

It may not be World of Warcraft, but it comes pretty close! Find games that test your skills and abilities to gain a better understanding of your suitability to a role. Develop your skill set through employer game training and become the perfect fit to power your career. Play games that get you motivated and put the enjoyment back into learning.

Your Profile
job Profile

Showcase yourself and use your profile to get engaged with employers. Don’t shy away but let your profile be the place people can see how awesome you are; feature your work experience, skills, achievements and unique qualities that really make you stand out. The more complete your profile, the more chance you have of being head-hunted by employers. Play the latest games to gain real-time interest from a number of specialist employers.

Connecting People
Connect People

As the old saying goes, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”- get connected to the people that matter. Grow your network to further showcase your personal brand as you hit the best employers. Use games to find people with similar interests and skill sets to develop your knowledge further, and enjoy a bit of fun competition as you challenge your connections to beat your score.

Share the Love

Keep sharing content to get the most out of your profile. Engage with people on similar topics and communicate your interests to employers by engaging with their own posted content as well. Share your scores and favourite games to connect with the employers who are right for you, and use your own shares to show them that you’re exactly what they are looking for.

Jobs a Goodun
Relevant job

The ultimate end result, use Talentcubed to find the result you care about – a job. However, using our online games, we can help you find your dream career as well as a great job. Use the games you play to place in a role that makes the most of your talent. Get the job you want because you can! Our games, connected interface and ‘hiring-meets-applying’ platform makes the job search process the easiest it’s ever been.